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Maritime Technical Administration


For Vessel Registration Inspection, Certification and All Technical Support

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Certificate Verification


STCW "White List" Seafarers Training, Licensing and Certification.

Do not require the use of lawyers as intermediaries for registration and as such there are no lawyer / agent fees that apply unless owner chooses to use an agent. All application for any certificate or document can be made directly to the registry via the owner or the owner's appointed manager.

There is no restriction on the nationality of officers or crew. Crew certifications from IMO “White Listed” countries are recognized.

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This is a privately held maritime and corporate service provider, specializing in the needs of the shipping and financial services industries across a broad commercial and economic spectrum. Headquartered in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand.

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Corporate Services at SamoaCorporate Services
Maritime Services in SamoaMaritime Services

Reliable Register

The Ascent Navals Register offers a five-year Statutory Services . We offer vessel owners a competitive statutory survey and certification package that is a cost-effective and efficient solution to consolidating vessel services and mitigating costs.

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