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Statutory Certifications

The Ascent Navals Register offers a five-year Statutory Services  . We offer vessel owners a competitive statutory survey and certification package that is a cost-effective and efficient solution to consolidating vessel services and mitigating costs.

Through the organization and technical service location worldwide, the statutory survey and certification package includes initial, annual, and renewal surveys, which are carried out and supported by highly qualified surveyors and naval architects.

To support vessel owners in their efforts to maintain economic viability, this program is offered in five annual installments through a Block Fee Agreement. The Block Fee Agreement also includes the cost of issuance for the interim and full term certificates as well as Annual Flag State Inspections.

We at Ascent Navals are proud to offer this service directly to vessel owners rather than delegate the responsibility and customer service to third party organizations. We carry out this responsibility directly in order to look out for the interests of the ship owner.


For more details please do send mail to :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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